April 17, 2024
  • ATS Group increasingly closer to its 2030 strategic goal
  • Experts with impressive CVs are members of the ATS Advisory Board

Skopje, North Macedonia, 17 April 2024 – – ATS GROUP has proudly presented its Advisory Board composed of distinguished members, acclaimed professionals on the world stage. Some Board members have had elite careers as high-level economic and political officials, and some have received prestigious awards from the armies in their respective countries. Each Board member has a specific set of knowledge and skills, which is evident from their impressive CVs. The goal of the Advisory Board is to provide advice to the ATS Corporation and the CEO Mr. Demirovski on strategic steps by providing expert and credible recommendations on security management as well as promoting the Republic of North Macedonia on the world security stage. Establishing the Advisory Board, ATS Corporation has moved closer to its goal to become the largest global manufacturer by 2030. The Board had its first meeting on 15 April 2024 and all five members were in attendance, as follows:

General James L. Jones – President of the Board
Former USA Marine Corp 4-star general and White House consultant. Mr. Jones is still involved in issues of US national security and foreign policy. With his deep understanding of defense and national security, he has a key role in leading the Corporation towards its
strategic success.

Mark Pritchard – Vice-President of the Board
A distinguished politician and lawyer, former MP in the British Parliament, he joins the Board with his extensive expertise on public policy and governance management. Mr. Pritchard has a deep understanding of regulations and provides advice to ATS Corporation on legal issues and compliance with international regulations and practices.

General Mike D. Barbero – Board member
Highly awarded retired US Army Lieutenant General, with great expertise in military strategy.

General Sir Richard Barrons – Board member
Highly awarded retired officer in the British Army, with extensive knowledge and experience in anticipating and resolving complex geopolitical issues

John DeVito – Board member
Currently hired as a Special Agent in the ATF Law Enforcement Agency in New York, who oversees operations throughout the USA.

ATS Group owner and CEO, Mr. Demirovski expressed his gratitude for the honour given and the membership of these high-level representatives and globally influential personalities. He highlighted that the establishment of the Board accelerates success, increases influence and responsibility while making a significant contribution to enhancing the strategic position and promotion of North Macedonia as a country producing products of internationally recognized quality for the world market. ATS GROUP is the only manufacturer with its own authentic production facilities in three locations with more than 500 staff. It also announces that a fourth facility will be opened soon producing technical textile, which is an ingredient in all composite products.

Mr Demirovski stressed that all plants, with no exceptions, operate exclusively in line with the highest NATO production standards, thereby producing a wide range of products with globally recognized quality, which is made evident by their numerous achievements and awards. ATS GROUP manufactures composite products for ballistic protection designed for the army and the police. In addition, it produces ammunition, as well as a production line for the development of the whole ensemble of ammunition production machinery, thereby increasing its export potential and fulfilling its mission every year in a row.

ATS GROUP continues its development and growth and creates an added value for the industry, where it is already a recognized and distinguished partner. With its visions for strategic national defense capacities and practical activities, it makes an impact on the positioning of North Macedonia as a serious stakeholder in the defense industry globally.