ATS GROUP Skopje, North Macedonia

ATS GROUP exists to meet your dreams and create mutual sustainable reality.

ATS GROUP is a corporation which is situated in the Republic of North Macedonia and yearly develops a variety of new products for some of the most elite military and law enforcement professionals in the world, as well as for the civilians. Ammunition for small caliber, Full line machinery for production of ammunition, Ballistic composite products, Ballistic equipment and Hi-tech solutions, spare parts, tools, fully customized service options and training to the customer’s operators and maintenance personnel for obtaining Good Manufacturing practices are crucial parts of our operations.

With more than 40 years of tradition in the field of industrial manufacturing we can proudly say that we have continued with excellence to imagine, design and construct new technology. ATS GROUP produces wide range of products through our three Companies specialized in different areas:

About our Passion

Production process

ATS GROUP is modern European private factory which production is under constant supervision of internationally recognized entities as well as in door experts who are trained and educated for the primary production operations under ISO 9001 standards. Our products are manufactured under the principals of High Quality Control System in order to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis in accordance with the highest international standards”


High Quality is our standard

ATS GROUP management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015 in scope of production of ballistic equipment: HELMET, BALLISTIC VEST and HARD ARMOUR PLATES. We also have continual cooperation in the field of development of new materials, with globally highest ranking institutes for producing controlled, consistent and sustainable products.


Quality is what we produce

ATS GROUP Skopje North Macedonia is getting more specialized on Ballistic Products & Solutions with multinational consultancies, cooperation with major role players in the market and R&D investments of ours. We have started ballistic helmet production line beside the ballistic vest production line at our factory. Our production quality benchmark is NATO and American standards and references from our valuable clients from many different countries.


is our profession

ATS Ballistics, is a modern private factory situated in the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje, specialized in production of Ballistic composite products, Ballistic Security Equipment (for military and civilians) as well as Hi-tech solutions. Through an integrated system fulfilling international standards led by USA and  NATO, ATS Ballistics is producing high quality Helmets, Armor plates, Vests and Plate Carriers.


High Quality is our standard

ATS Technologies, with headquarters in Skopje, capital of North Macedonia in the last three years continuously investing and growing in terms of developing new products, each uniquely created upon request from the client. Custom made machines creating best performance ammunition with minimum operating cost for achieving highest manufacturing performance is of outmost importance for the overall operations of ATS Technologies, where specifically we produce spare parts, tools and Full production line machines for small ammunition for the following calibers:  9 mm,  5,56 mm, 7,62 mm, 12,7 mm. Excellence in tailoring ammunition production solution to any customer need from single equipment to turnkey factory.


120 mil. rounds of a small-calibre ammunition per year

ATS AMMUNITION factory is located in the western part of North Macedonia and has existed since 1981 with over 40 years of tradition in manufacturing small caliber ammunition. On an area of 300 000 m2 and 40 000 m2 effective production facility we created an infrastructure where we are producing small-calibre ammunition:
– 9 x 19mm LUGER – FMJ 8,0 g (124 grs), 
– 5.56 x 45 mm M 855 & M 193, 
– 7,62 x 39 mm – FMJ 8,0 g (124 grs), 
– 7.62 x 51 mm BALL M80 & M118 and 
– 12,7 x99 mm.


Small – caliber ammunition, Full line machinery for production of ammunition, Ballistic composite products, Ballistic
equipment and Hi-tech solutions, spare parts, tools, fully customized service options and training to the customer’s
operators and maintenance personnel.

ATS BALLISTICS – Beside its own experts, use modern technologies which correspondents to complex requirements of
production military equipment.

ATS TECHNOLOGIES – Design, develop and produce highly sophisticated, cutting-edge technological solutions for
ammunition production. We produce spare parts, tools and Full production lines for small ammunition for the
following calibers: 9 mm | 5,56 mm | 7,62 mm | 12,7 mm

ATS AMMUNITION – Over 40 years of tradition & experience. supplying military and law enforcement professionals all
around the world – we always strive to perfection.

ATS TECHNOLOGIES engineers and technicians can be dispatched on call if extra maintenance are required (24/7
support). ATS TECHNOLOGIES offers in-depth consulting and engineering services. This will help manufacturers to set up and maintain world class manufacturing practices and achieve autonomy in their own processes.

ATS GROUP Skopje North Macedonia constantly follows and takes a part in development of new materials, new testings’ in a field of protection, comfort ability and design of riot helmets and other products , also in development new protection helmet which are needed in protection of modern soldier, sportsmen and man.

ATS products incorporate the high ballistic protection together with advanced quality, low weight and competitive prices and keep the image of unique body armor, ensuring multi-threat protection in commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction – from customer requirements to product design and every step along the way

Technological intelligent systems, their optimization and quality as well as the supply chain management, followed by training of the end users’ team is what ATS GROUP considers as the only option for creating sustainable growth.

For what we build, we guarantee, we follow up and we train through creating partnerships with the clients. Our company works for the clients, with the clients. We don’t just deliver the product; we create management within the manufacturing process. Client is never left alone.

ATS GROUP redefines the boundaries ofclassical engineering management system. We design together, we develop products together, we follow up together and we grow together.


ATS GROUP exist to meet your dreams and create of them mutual sustainable reality. 

With all due respect,