ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia is a modern private factory headquartered in Skopje, Macedonia, Europe. We offer wide range of composites products and innovative body armor. In a field of equipment for army produces ballistic security equipment, ballistic protective solutions for military and civilians worldwide.

ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia develops hundreds of new products a year for some of the most elite military and law enforcement professionals in the world; items built to meet their needs, refined with their input. A select few of those items made it in to this catalogue. What you will see here is the latest in Load Carriage and Personal Protective Technology.

ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia is a modern private factory which production is under continuous supervision its own experts educated for purpose production and under outside control of foreign business partners under ISO 9001 standards.

ATS GROUP management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015 in scope of production of ballistic equipment: HELMET, BALLISTIC VEST and HARD ARMOUR PLATES. It has also continually cooperation in a field of developing new materials with well-known institutes from Europe, U.S.A etc. Our products are under High Quality Control System in accordance with the highest International Standards.

ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia is getting more specialized on Ballistic Products & Solutions with multinational consultancies, cooperation with major role players in the market and R&D investments of ours. We have started ballistic helmet production line beside the ballistic vest production line at our factory. Our production quality benchmark is NATO and American standards and references from our valuable clients from many different countries. By this fact we could be in service of:

  • Ballistic Panels
  • Ballistic Carrier
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Ballistic Plates
  • Ballistic Fabric

Ballistic market is becoming more sophisticated with AR-GE investments, Innovative Raw Materials and Hi-Tech solutions every day.

ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia, beside its own experts, use modern technologies which correspondents to complex requirements of production military equipment.

ATS GROUP Skopje Macedonia constantly follows and takes a part in development of new materials, new testings’ in a field of protection, comfort ability and design of riot helmets and other products , also in development new protection helmet which are needed in protection of modern soldier, sportsmen and man.

ATS products incorporate the high ballistic protection together with advanced quality, low weight and competitive prices and keep the image of unique body armor, ensuring multi-threat protection in commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction – from customer requirements to product design and every step along the way


Inovative Raw Materials and HI-TECH Solutions